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It's about Democracy, not Ideology

Supporting the will of the voters is the right thing to do. Lieberman had his chance before the voters and he lost. Ideology is irrelevant, once your candidate looses you support, or at least acknowledge the winner. If Joe wants to act like a child that's his issue, but it's up to all his former supporters to be the adults.

JujubeLock responds:

It seems as if we are on the same page, but I'm not quite sure.

Cow and Chicken

I loved the Cow and Chicken opening, much better than the screaming song.

As for the movie, awesome, well worth the wait.

Yea, it was racist.

First off, the zero isn't just because you're a racist, it's also since the only real animation in that flash was you making the comment through your flash that black people have giant lips.

Second off, stop blaming the viewers for the accusations of racism. People call this flash racist because it is. Your not Dave Chappelle. DAVE CHAPPELLE MAKES FUN OF RACIAL STEREOTYPES. YOU'RE REINFORCE THEM.

Lastly, the whole idea of the flash is idiotic since Kanye West has never been an outspoken political activist in the past. He said what he said because Bush did nothing for 2 days after this disaster hit. The hardest hit were in poor black neighborhoods. Maybe the comments were over the top, but the sentiment was justified.

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The FSM and Bobby Henderson would be proud of your work. You truly have been touched by his noodly appendages.

PlasmicSteve responds:

Bobby is a friend of mine, in the noodly sense. He is very happy with the game, as it spreads the word of Pastalovin'.


The whole thing just got boring as hell after about 15 seconds. I've seen this stuff on plenty of freewebs sites, it bugs the crap out of me. Noone would ever want this on their desktop. You can't frickin see where your clicking.

EON responds:

Nah, spose no one (appart from practically everyone who reviewed this submission) would ever want these on their desktop...


I just downloaded Number Munchers yesterday and played it for the first time in the last 10 years. Next day I see this. Not a bad version, though you didn't have my favorite game, prime numbers. Also, the muncher often moves 2 spaces for even the slightest touch of the arrow key. Still a good game, though you should still work on it some more.

authorblues responds:

buddy, i spent hours looking for an algorithm for prime numbers. they dont exist, unless you use a sieve of eratosthenes. unless you happen to have a list of all mersenne primes available. i did consider just typing out a list of prime numbers, but that would have been inaffective and tedious. otherwise, i really wanted to include prime numbers.

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I Love It

That Was Awesome! Easily one of the top BW songs. Acoustic guitar sounds great, lyrics are great, style of the song is great.


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